Ipswich Parishes

Ipswich is the County Town of Suffolk in England.

There are eighteen Parishes in Ipswich:

All Hallows All Saints From 1882
Holy Trinity From 1857
St. Augustine From 1927
St. Clements From 1563
St. Helen From 1677
St. John From 1880
St. Lawrence From 1539
St. Margaret From 1537
St. Mary-at-Elms From 1557
St. Mary-at-the-Quay From 1559
St. Mary-le-Tower From 1538
St. Mary Stoke From 1565
St. Matthew From 1559
St. Michael From 1881
St. Nicholas From 1539
St. Peter From 1657
St. Stephen From 1585

In addition there are twenty Non-Conformist Chapels in Ipswich who have deposited some records with the Suffolk Records Office:

Roman Catholic
Society of Friends
Alan Road Methodist
Landseer Road Methodists
Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
St. Mary Elms primitive Methodist
Ipswich Primitive Methodist Circuit
St. Nicholas Street Presbyterian/Unitarian
Bethesda Independent, Dairy lane
Nansen Road Baptist
Hatfield Road Congregational
Stoke Peoples Hall
St. Mary’s Catholic
Turret Green Baptist
Stoke Green Baptist
Dairy Lane Particular Baptist
Barrack Corner Presbyterian / United Reformed
St. Nicholas Street Independent
Tacket Street Independent / Congregational
St. Thomas Mission Chapel (From 1905)